Cape Coral Flooring Company Makes a Strong Comeback Following Industry Struggles



After three years of losing money, Carpet Concepts, Cape Coral flooring company, announces it has turned a profit for the last four quarters.

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CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA – (June 6, 2012) – The economic recession has taken its toll on many small businesses, and Carpet Concepts is no exception. However, unlike many others in industries affected by the real estate crash and economic struggles, Carpet Concepts has survived and is making a comeback. After three long years of losing money, the company announces it has turned a profit for the last four quarters.

“It’s been difficult,” said Jay Messina, Owner, Carpet Concepts. “We’ve been in survival mode since 2008. We made a lot of money during the boom. Fortunately, I kept enough cash in the business to weather the storm. Many of our competitors bought fancy cars, vacation homes, and investment properties. However, all of these things, along with their businesses, are gone now. We had to cut our staff and all of our salaries, and we’re working harder, but we still have our jobs.”

So, how did this Cape Coral flooring company avoid the fate of many others in their industry?

“Where many businesses cut back on inventory, we actually expanded our stock of low to mid-priced carpet and tile, and focused on remodeling needs instead of new construction. This strategy has paid off,” said Messina.

Prior to 2008, nearly 80% of Carpet Concept’s sales were for new construction. Now, this represents less than 5% of the company’s business.

Messina went on to explain, “We figured since no one was building new homes, people would be fixing up their existing homes. Also, people who have lost their homes to foreclosure would be looking for rentals. We knew that many of those rentals would need new flooring fast. Since we had the stock and the crews to get it done, we were awarded many of these jobs. As a result, things started to roll again.”

Things seem to be looking up in Southwest Florida, which was one of the hardest hit areas in the country. New construction is slowly coming back as the backlog of foreclosures dwindles. The unemployment percentage rate is no longer in double digits, and businesses like Carpet Concepts, that have adapted and survived, are beginning to see the light.

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