I have tile flooring. How do I repair cracked tile?

There is no easy fix to repair cracked tile.

The best solution is to replace your cracked tile with materials you had left over when the tile was first installed. That way you have the same dye lot and the best chance to ensure a satisfactory result. Even then, depending on the age and quality of the tile, there may still be a shade difference. Matching existing grout is always problematic.

If you don’t have any replacement tile, your options are limited. The first rule for any type of tile repair is to make sure the repair does not look worse than the damage. For example filling a small crack with grout or caulking may draw peoples attention to a crack that was not easily noticed beforehand.

You can often use an acrylic paint or nail polish to cover a minor crack or chip in the tile if you can find the right colors. For larger cracks try grout or caulking. These methods are for the do it yourselfers only. If you hire a tile installer to do this, you may be disappointed with the results and out of a substantial amount of money.

Depending where the cracks are, you may be able to remove those cracked tiles and possibly a few others to create a design with accent tiles. We’ve been able to come up with some interesting solutions along that idea.

If your floor tile is badly cracked, replacement of all or a section may be the best solution. We often use a decorative accent tile in between areas that are still in good condition and that which needs to be replaced.

Do you have additional questions on how to repair cracked tile? Contact us or call (239) 574-5099, we are happy to help you out with any of your flooring problems.

Have questions? Contact us or call (239) 574-5099

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