Carpet Care for Your New Carpet

Once you've selected the perfect carpet for you, it is important that you know the important role carpet care plays. No matter what type of carpet you've purchased, the most important thing you can do for to keep it looking new is to vacuum it regularly. Once a week for normal use is fine. A good vacuum with a beater bar can get out the sand and dirt that can actually do damage to your carpet. The dirt works its way through the backing of the carpet and breaks down the adhesive that holds the primary and the secondary backings together. This results in delamination that will result in wrinkles in your carpet that can not be stretched out.

We also recommend a professional cleaning once a year. Of course how often you need to have your carpet cleaned will depend upon how you care for it. Here's four tips that will keep your carpet looking like new in between cleanings.

1) Keep a good carpet cleaner on hand and wipe up spills quickly. Always blot up liquids with a clean, white cloth working from the outside of the spill towards the center. Rubbing in a circle, as many of us tend to do, only spreads out the spill.

2) Always let mud dry before trying to clean. Then simply vacuum and use your bottle of carpet cleaner as shown above.

3) Never use bleach to clean a stain on your carpet. Although some fibers (polyester, olefins etc.) say that even bleach won't discolor them, why take a chance. Are you sure what the carpet on your floor is made of? Play it safe. Use a product that is safe for all carpets. Test the product on a spare piece or in an out of sight area before using it.

4) If you own a Berber carpet you may have experienced some unraveling at the seam or where something has gotten caught on a loop and pulled it. First, don't pull on it or run the vacuum over it. It will only make it worse and beyond repair. A small pull can be fixed. Simply apply a small amount of Elmers Glue, or any latex, to the area at the bottom in between the loops. You'll probably see a small lump of dried adhesive there from where it pulled out. Then take a nail and push the part of the yarn with the latex on it gently through the backing of the carpet leaving the loop at the same height as the surrounding loops. Repeat this procedure with each loop. Let it dry before walking or vacuuming.

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